“Marketing” Root of Life by Luthfi Zuhdi Rafsanjani (R55)

Marketing is a word derived from ‘market’ word. Market, in general way, is a place buyer and seller meet also interact; market is also where money created. Where our ancestor, when they need something and they are going to do barter, which means to exchange product to get the one they want. However the tradition is not going well, because there are difference values between one product to another. So, it creates a medium of exchange, from the market, namely money. As time goes by, people become familiar to get money so they can fulfil their needs. The important element to get money is by doing ‘marketing’. By doing ‘marketing’ in everything, so someone will be rewarded an added value or money, directly or indirectly. For example, as explained by Prof. Dr. Ir. Ujang Sumarwan, M.Sc, people can do ‘marketing’ only by looking attractive, and then someone has marketed themselves. Although people do not aware that they have done it, but they gain a benefit from their ‘marketing’. People when they want to build a relation with someone then it will be easy if they look attractive. Therefore they have gained added value from ‘marketing’ which they have done. After they success to build the relation, they will get a job from that. With that job, they will get money. So, ‘marketing’ cannot be separated with money or in  other word, ‘marketing’ and money are blood relatives. The key to get money is through ‘marketing’. Money is an important thing nowadays, although people might say that money is not everything, but in other way, from money, people will get easier to get everything. So, ‘marketing’ is an important thing which makes us live until today. Another positive thing is bu ‘marketing’, we can devote our life to Allah SWT. With money or value from ‘marketing’ which we have done, we can help each other.

We cannot do ‘marketing’ without ‘marketing management’ studies. Success key of ‘marketing’ product or service is from how well our ‘marketing management’. For example, a butcher sells his product to a vegetarian community, his product will be absolutely rejected. So, it proves that ‘marketing management’ is a must. According to Prof Dr Ir Ujang Sumarwan M.Sc,  in ‘marketing managemet’, thing that we have to pay attention is the value of consumer will obtain if they purchase our product and service. If the value attracts the consumer, so the success opportunity in ‘marketing’ our product and service will become bigger. From case above, one important thing that we can get is ‘marketing management’ teaches us how to determine our market target.